What would I say to my 22 year old self?

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What would I say to my 22 year old self?


Access Point - Jeanette MorganWhat would I say to my 22 year old self?  Would I warn myself about hard times to come or about mistakes I’d make?  No, probably not.  I wouldn’t want to take the experience away from myself, I’d want exactly the same chance to grow and learn again.  But there are some things I wish I’d started earlier, some things I wish I’d learnt earlier and some things that I can still do better. 


Hopefully someone else can benefit from these lessons though.


Here’s a picture of me at 22, not an actual one, that’s in my attic slowly aging instead of me (I wish!).  I had just graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in Business and Hospitality, I had become engaged to my husband Gareth on New Year’s Eve and had a graduate job set up.  1 month later, I quit my first job, 6 months later I was fired from my second and 5 years after that I would be made redundant after I left my third job to have a child.  Fast forward 20 something years and I am the MD and part owner of Access Point, a successful advertising business with 40 plus staff (2 on maternity leave and 3 more on the way. How things change!). If you’d told me any of that at 22, I’d have probably replied “Don’t be so daft!”


Here are some of the things I’ve learnt along the way:


Circumstance leads to opportunity - Take the rough with the smooth and keep going. Where you end up will not be where you thought, but it might be better.  Being made redundant and crawling the walls after 6 months of baby speak led me to taking a part-time back to work job as a bookkeeper in a company called Access Point…


Learn to manage your emotions - I’ve had to learn to get my ‘game face’ right, in fact it’s taken on a life of its own in the office, but at 22 I missed out by not knowing how to separate myself from the situation.


Carry on believing in hard work, loyalty and trusting in people - It will always serve you best.


Trust your instincts - You’ve got good ones.  If I’d been more willing to do that in the past I could have avoided a lot of situations, both for myself and the company.  Time has taught me to listen to them.


Working relationships - The best ones are founded on respect and loyalty, but you need good communication too or it all counts for nothing.


Work life balance - This is something that in my experience, you strive for and rarely get.  I’m better now than I used to be though, back when I was earning my stripes or serving my time depending how you look at it. Keep a watch on it and learn how to switch off.


Believe in yourself - Challenge yourself, put yourself in situations that scare you and when you find something you love, go for it.  This is something I still have to do every day.


Qualifications or experience - Don’t worry about it; it gives an indication of ability, but not much else.  That said if you get the chance to learn or get qualifications in a role, grab it with both hands.


When you’re choosing fight or flight - The only thing you need to know is whether or not you’re morally right or you have the facts on your side.  If either of those things is true, dig your heels in. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


The path to success - But if I had one thing I’d like to tell myself or anyone else at 22, it would be that you don’t have to be ambitious to be successful.  That might not seem like the best advice to give to people, but ambition is only one route to success and not necessarily the best.  Your drive to nurture people, to help them do better will help everyone grow.  Your curiosity and determination will lead to you discovering new things, finding new paths and challenging yourself.  All these things lead to success, true success that you can be proud of.


Access Point - Jeanette Morgan


 A wedding day pic of Jeanette and Gareth that's not hiding in the attic!


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