Brand Awareness

Brand awareness

When someone says brand awareness, what do you think of? Jingles, billboards, TV ads? Instead start thinking about how you can start creating brand awareness with a real connection to your customers. Promotional space in a busy area provides fantastic exposure for your brand, but more than that it allows your brand’s representatives, to speak directly to people and find out how they can help them. There is no better way to foster brand awareness than with a face to face interaction and a helpful informative brand rep.

Customer acquisition

Getting more leads, gaining more customers, growing your business is what everyone wants to do. One of the best ways to do this is to simply meet and talk to potential customers. Customer acquisition at a targeted venue allows you to do just that. By holding a promotion in a retailer or busy public space you can advertise your business to people in a buying environment and engage them in a conversation. That’s the start of every new customer.

Access Point have over 20 years’ experience in helping connect clients with the right venue for promotional space. We use your knowledge of your customers and combine it with our knowledge of venues and demographic information to find the sites that will get you the best ROI.