10 Perks of Access Point

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Google is world famous for offering amazing perks to their employees. Whilst our unique office in The Old Courthouse in Southport may not be sunny California, we’re proud of our employees and the benefits we offer. Most of all we love a challenge so we decided to see how our perks measure up to the gold standard that is Google:

1. Food – Everyone knows Google serves ‘gourmet food’ from in-house chefs to their employees for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as having fancy snack rooms in every building. Very nice too, however at Access Point we have simpler tastes. A bacon sandwich on a Friday morning or a visit to our employee tuck shop is what we like. As well as the occasional Eggs Benedict from our very own in-house chef of course.

2. Health – Those health conscious Californians at Google may pride themselves on a full employee gym to work off the snacks, but we felt an outdoor swimming pool may be misguided in Northern Britain. Instead we’ve settled for weekly Yoga and Insanity gym classes free for all our employees. Not only that but we’ve recently installed new showers and invested in new equipment as part of our healthy team initiative.

3. Learning – Lifelong learning is another passion both Google and ourselves share. So while we may not be able to fly in celebrities for a chat we do at least make sure every employee has the chance to build their knowledge by offering NVQs in their chosen subject.

4. Unique Office – Google’s offices are certainly more famous than The Old Courthouse but we know why they create them. Working in an interesting place can help breed interesting ideas. Our roof top terrace is a great place to have meetings, relax and has seen a party or two.

Kitchen Mural Access Point

Upstairs Party Access Point

5. Relaxation – Everyone loves Google’s games rooms and sleep pods. We’ve also got our own breakout room complete with Foosball and Pool… also a pretty comfy couch if you want to put your feet up.

6. Referral Scheme – We may not be able to offer a $2000 referral scheme for new employee hires but our £250 one has led to some of our best hires over the years.

7. Health care – Google offer full insurance as well as on-site doctors for their employees; something that’s essential for the U S. We may not need employee health plans in the UK but at Access Point we still like to offer them to all staff who have been here for a year or more!

8. Team Fun – Google doesn’t have dibs on quirky meetings either. While some may think a conference bike is about as far out as you can get, they’ve got nothing on our Monday meetings.

Google Conference Bike Meeting
Monday Meeting Morning

9. Parties – Summer picnics on the Google campus sound lovely and all but at Access Point we’ve got a full calendar of events. We’ve had BBQs on the roof terrace, Oktoberfest in the hall and our legendary Christmas parties.

Parties Access Point

10. Discounts and Freebies – Google offers discounts for lots of companies and not to be outdone, we’ve just introduced Perk box, our employee reward programme. Our staff can get discounts and freebies at loads of big name brands from 15% off at House of Fraser to the ever popular free slice of gateau from Patisserie Valerie.

Our sense of fun is an essential part of our team. Google are now offering free haircuts but we’ve gone one better as modelled by me!


Not sure if Larry Page, one of the founders of Google would even go this far.

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