Barclays Bank

Why The Promotion?

 We look to support local communities with digital confidence, prevention of fraud and scams, money worries such as the cost of living crisis, or moments in their lives such as buying their first home, having a baby or retiring. We also look to support life skill vents for the younger communities within schools and colleges.

How Did Access Point Help?

 Lesley and Dominic have been fantastic not just in advising and researching suitable site locations for us, but also in assisting us in booking such venues.


 Our presence at the sites has received positive comments from customers. We have assisted a number of customers with digital education, fraud and scam awareness, and gaining trust in alternate banking methods after their branch may have closed.

Barclays Bank

Morrisons and Retail Parks UK Wide

Banking Industry

Barclays is a British universal bank that supports consumers and small businesses through retail banking services, and larger businesses and institutions through their corporate and investment banking services.

"I would certainly recommend using Access Point to others. Simple, straightforward, efficient, and convenient, Lesley and Dominic have frequently gone above and beyond to support us."

Tia Howell - Barclays Bank

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