Bristol Street Motors

What was the aim of your promotion?

To promote Mazda Redditch.

How easy was/is it to arrange your marketing event with Access Point?

Very easy. All we had to do was select a date and pay. Access Point did all of the hard work for us

Are the staff helpful, friendly and accommodating?

Very! Always on the end of the phone or email if you need anything. They reply quickly.

How successful has your campaign been?

We have sold a couple of cars off the back of this campaign. People who didn’t know we were here before have now come to visit us. In my eyes that’s a success.

Number of leads generated/sales made?

10 leads, 2 cars sold as a direct result of our promotion.

What impact has your work with Access Point had on your business?

A big impact. This promotion successfully helped generate new leads and encourage sales . Without Access Point we wouldn’t have had the placement and therefore would not have sold the cars.
All the guys that I dealt with from start to finish were brilliant. Informative, helpful and made the whole thing easy to organise. As mentioned above all we had to do was select what dates we wanted, pay and turn up. Its that simple!

Bristol Street Motors



Car Dealership

Bristol Street Motors are one of the largest motor dealers in the country, as well as being labelled as one of England's most trusted new and used car dealership groups.

"The guys I dealt with from start to finish were brilliant. 2 cars sold so far."

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