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How easy was the car parking to set up?

It was very easy to set up, our Brand Ambassador showed the Store Manager the confirmation letter and that was it, done!

Would you recommend the use of our car parking facilities

Yes. We have had vehicles at a variety of stores and have asked multiple questions on logistics about access, clearance height, etc. which Claire and her team have always been very responsive in providing answers.

What impact has it had on your business to use the car parking facilities?

The dealership was very happy and received sales from the event, which means repeat business for us as well as Tesco.

Inside Track

Tesco West Durrington

Car Dealership

The premier automotive marketing services business specialising in event management, fleet management and vehicle logistics.

"I have been speaking to Claire for a year now and she is so easy to talk to and will always bring me some fabulous deals for my dealerships"

Emily Savage - PSA Events Project Co-ordinator

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