Jay’s Catering

Why promote at Wickes?

This is a new business venture and I was looking for a good site to launch my catering business. Wickes has good footfall and the right demographics.

I wanted a site which could offer me both short and long term opportunities as I know setting up a new business can take time.

What impact on your business has it had to be able to use the Wickes site?

Still early days but it’s been great so far and I’ve had lots of positive feedback from the Wickes customers and staff.

Would you recommend the use of our catering sites?

Yes I would recommend the catering sites available, but like any business it takes time to get established. It’s all about serving great quality food, delivering good customer service and then people will come back.

How could we improve our service to you?

Marc has been amazing. I couldn’t improve anything as the customer service I received was outstanding. I would highly recommend Access Point.

Jay's Catering

Wickes Birmingham


February 2018


Jay's catering were looking for a new site to launch their business.

"I've been working with Marc since 2017 and it's always been a great experience. He's knowledgeable, friendly and professional - always calls me back and has excellent customer service skills. He always goes above and beyond and I can't fault his professionalism. I'd highly recommend his service to anyone and I'm looking forward to working with Marc in the future. "

Jay Riley

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