Mister Window Company

Why The Promotion?

A new ‘In-store’ department was created in April 2021 to complement their Marketing strategy and create greater face to face engagements with potential customers. A new team was created with promotional experience and who understood the value of place making and engaging the public.

Why The Venue?

Mister Window used Morrisons supermarket sites across South, West and Mid Wales as they were a perfect fit for their geodemographic targeting – covering the area the organisation operates in and providing a high footfall of homeowners who could be needing home improvements.


The organisation was highly delighted with the results from the bookings, providing over £1 million of extra business from the initial 6 week project.

We have been working with Access Point since the conception of the In-store department and the support and communication from the team has been excellent – making our job so much easier.

Mister Window Company

South, West and Mid Wales

Home Improvements

Mister Window is a long established Company who has been designing, fabricating and installing quality home improvements for over 28 Years for customers throughout South, West & Mid Wales.

"l would like to take this opportunity to thank the Access Point team, who have helped us in achieving brilliant results in our first 6 months. They have given us a fantastic support network and excellent communication through all our bookings . A highly recommended business, whom we will be using for the foreseeable future."

Sally Ford, In-store Manager

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