MLA SmileDirectClub

Why The Promotion?

We have a mobile SmileShop called the SmileBus which supplements our SmileShop locations and allows us to get closer to our customers UK-wide. We conduct appointments on the SmileBus at theses events.

Why These Venue(s)?

We currently have 12 permanent SmileShops and we choose locations that help to provide us with greater coverage across the UK and have the right accessibility for our customers.


Access Point set-up and arranged all the venues for UK SmileBus. We work with 2 scan suites and over a 4-day event we can perform over 100 scans. Very often the SmileBus is top volume for scans in the UKI

MLA SmileDirectClub

UK Wide


As the world’s largest direct to consumer clear aligner company, SmileDirectClub offers advantages others can’t. Our dentists have straightened over 1.8 million Club member smiles worldwide. Each individual treatment plan is prescribed, directed, and managed by a UK- registered dentist, all of which have 5+ years of aligner therapy experience. We provide a premium experience, with unmatched value to create a straighter smile that our customers will love.

"I took over my role as MLA from a colleague who had built a strong relationship with the team at Access Point. I believe I have built on that and the relationship between Access Point and myself is reflected in the service I receive consistently."

Ann Vickerman - MLA SmileDirectClub

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