What was the aim of your promotion?

To promote Motorline Bristol Toyota North.

What other methods of advertising had you used previously and how effectively were they?

Newspaper/A frame – Not very effective but ok for awareness. Social/PPC – Targeted so more effective.

How would you compare these with promotional space at our venues?

The great thing about Product Placement (Manned) is that you can qualify exactly how many warm/hot leads you have generated from each placement.

What was the purpose of the campaign and how was this achieved?

Product awareness and to achieve direct leads that turn into sales. Yate Shopping Centre continues to be tremendously successful for us.

Thoughts on Access Point?

Extremely easy. Adam does all of the leg work for us, offering various placements, dates available and followed by a simple booking process. All we need to do is ensure that the vehicles are in-situ on time.

Motorline Bristol Toyota North

Yate, St Mary's & WIllowbrook Shopping Centres

South West

Car Dealership

Founded in 1972, the Motorline Group has expanded over the years to become one of the biggest motor groups in the South East and South West.

"Yate Shopping Centre generated 58 leads and 13 sales, an excellent return!"

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