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Awareness marketing in all its glory

At Access Point, we believe that businesses’ bonds with their customers should transcend time, space and medium. While we are specialists in the physical realm – matching businesses with prime locations and unique spaces for them to experiment and grow, we know that your business ventures are more wide-ranging.

Awareness marketing is an all-encompassing outlook of how your business is perceived and promotional activity received by people. This encompasses more than just the physical realm. From social media to experiential activities, front-line engagement work and promotional events, we are on hand to ensure that your business gets maximum exposure to existing and potential customers.

Access Point is a go-to for all your awareness marketing needs. We strive to draw together different strands of your business objectives and activities. We are here to tie the loose ends, perfect your execution, guarantee short-term impact and long-term success

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Our extensive experience working with agencies, brands, small and large businesses, start-ups and established organisations makes us well equipped to meet all your business or event requirements.

We take the guesswork out of venue selection and use reliable data to access demographic information to guarantee you maximum return-on-investment.

We have the sourcing, booking, negotiating and paperwork under wraps, providing you with a single point of contact and accountable campaign mediator.

What do our customers think?

“I would highly recommend using Access Point. They are very quick at responding to enquiries, make the booking process easy and keep in touch throughout to ensure you have all the information you need. The team are very polite and go out of their way to help!”

Mel Dawkins – Sytner Group

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