Brand Awareness

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For any new company, brand or product, creating awareness is an important first step on the road to success. Advertising, sampling and experiential marketing are all elements of the same promotional toolbox in creating awareness.

An awareness campaign can give your team the ability to provide information on the brand or product to their target audience. It can educate and engage the public with facts & figures and be able to answer any questions or objections there and then to create that positive first impression. The awareness campaign can also be used to feedback on initial response to product/service development and refine future communications.

Whether a team working from a stand or an unmanned branded distribution point for leaflets/assets, creating awareness is an important part of your communication and engagement strategy.



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Our extensive experience working with agencies, brands, small and large businesses, start-ups and established organisations makes us well equipped to meet all your business or event requirements. We are specialists in the physical realm – matching businesses with prime locations and unique spaces for you to experiment and grow.

We take the guesswork out of venue selection and use reliable data to access demographic information to help your decision making and maximising return-on-investment.

We have the sourcing, booking, negotiating and paperwork under wraps, providing you with a single point of contact and accountable campaign mediator.



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