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Food and Product Sampling

Food sampling and product sampling campaigns have incredible power in converting audiences to customers. They create memorable experiences and drive sales via word of mouth.

We believe that face-to-face engagement with your customers is at the heart of a truly effective awareness campaign. Promotional spaces in a busy area’s, town centres, train stations, shopping and retail parks provides fantastic exposure for your products. It allows your brand ambassadors to speak directly to consumers and build a real connection with your future customers. Let them experience the product, learn what makes them tick and genuinely understand their buying criteria.

Supermarkets have a great infrastructure for food sampling opportunities and wider awareness campaign activity. Working in foyers, car parks, or even internal event spaces outfitted with everything needed for event launch allows brands to reach a wide audience and create unique experiences.

In-aisle food sampling places the product at the heart of the customer’s shopping experience. You can engage with customers, discuss their shopping habits, and encourage them to try the product. The feedback from this type of promotion is invaluable.

Getting to know you

Increasing awareness is a critical first step in the success of any new company, brand, or product. Advertising, sampling, and experiential marketing are all components in the same promotional toolbox that can be used to raise awareness. A stand or an unmanned branded distribution point for leaflets/assets can help to raise brand awareness. Raising awareness is an essential component of your communication and engagement strategy.

An awareness campaign can help your team to provide brand or product information to their target audience. A campaign can use facts and figures to educate and engage the public. It lets you answer any questions or objections immediately, making a good first impression. Awareness campaigns can also be used to gather feedback on the initial reaction to product/service development and to fine-tune future communications.

Our extensive experience working with agencies, brands, small and large businesses, start-ups and established organisations makes us well-equipped to meet all your business or event requirements.

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Access Point specialise in matching businesses with prime locations and unique spaces for you to develop and grow. To assist you in making decisions, we use demographic information to locate the best promotional venue for your company or product. By positioning your company in the right demographic, you will be able to connect with thousands of potential customers and maximise your return on investment.

With Access Point you can choose from thousands of food and product sampling locations across the UK. Venues include Morrisons and Tesco stores, Co-op, Wickes, Booker/Makro, shopping centres, retail parks, town centres, train stations and garden centres.

Call Access Point to discuss your next product sampling or brand awareness campaign at 01704 544999 or email hello@apuk.net

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