Food And Beverage Vendors

Food and beverage, catering, street food, whatever you call it it’s a growing trend for venues of all types from retail parks, to shopping centres and supermarkets. For customers the attractions are clear: they can get a fresh meal conveniently and quickly whether it’s on their way to work, for their lunch, or just while they’re out shopping. The biggest challenge for food vendors though is finding the right locations and securing them.

Broadly the industry can be divided into short-term and long-term sites. These two types tend to target different venues and customers from each other but Access Point have the experience, tools and venues for both.


“Access Point staff made the whole process very easy, they are always on hand if you need any questions answered and they are are a great bunch of people to work alongside. They guided me through everything I needed to do and know. I am looking forward to working with them in the future… thanks guys you have been truly amazing, keep up the hard work!”

Mandy – Tasty Tucker

Long-term sites

If you’re looking to serve simple hot food to a regular audience then a long-term site is the way to go. One of the main advantages of a long-term site is to build up a loyal customer base, that’s why we aim to place vendors looking for long-term sites in venues that can support them with more than just foot traffic. This might be on a retail estate with plenty of nearby warehouses and businesses with hungry workers for lunch and truck and van drivers making deliveries, or it might be at a retail park along a commuter route for example.

Access Point is committed to helping you start your business and thrive, that’s why we offer all long-term site customers information and guidance on a range of topics from opening times to how to market your business or even expand to deliveries.

What do we offer?

Our whole application process is completely free of charge with no obligation – Simply speak to us today and we can start work finding you your next site.

Security of a permanent site – When you find your catering site you want to know it’s going to stay yours. All of our sites come with a contract and full retailer backing.

On-site visits – Once you’re set up we offer on-site visits to make sure everything’s going well and see if there’s anything else you need or we can do for you.

Short-term sites

Short-term sites are usually favoured by street food vendors. Whether it’s from a van or under a gazebo, street food is all about fresh flavours and ideas. That’s why street food is designed to move. Whether it’s a few days outside a busy supermarket, a weekend at a festival or Christmas market, or a tour of some town and city centres, Access Point has a huge variety of venues for you to choose from.

Over the years we’ve built the relationships and skills to help any business on its way to meeting thousands of new customers. We can introduce you to destinations all over the country and use those skills and relationships to ensure you get the best deal at your ideal location.

We find those locations using audience demographic data and our Account Managers take care of the details including licenses and risk assessments. This means that you can concentrate on what you do best while finding better venues at better prices.

How does it work?

Contact us or check our Venue Locator to see the breadth of venues we have available. Our Account Managers will be able to discuss with you what your specific requirements are and where you ideally would like to be.

Your Account Manager will check for costs and availability at the venues you want and help you to complete an application for food and beverage which will cover you for our venues.

Once approved we can assist with the relevant paperwork and then move forward to booking your venues.

Arrive at your booked venue and start doing what you do best.

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