Pop-up Retail


Whether you’re a start-up business, an expanding franchise, a seasonal operator or well-known brand, mall retailing has something to offer you. While bricks and mortar stores are becoming less appealing to many brands, the world of pop-ups, RMUs and modular installations continues to grow.

Access Point can arrange any of these services in hundreds of locations in the UK and have over 20 years’ experience in negotiating for the right location for your brand; including the right mix of customers as well as the price which will enable you to grow and expand your business.

Retail Merchandising Units

Retail Merchandising Units or RMUs are small retail locations usually located indoors along mall walkways. They can be as simple as a covered table, a more elaborate hand-cart style, or a semi-permanent secured unit. The choice of which will be dependent on the requirements of your chosen venue as well as the stage your business is at. RMUs are ideal for start-up businesses or online retailers looking to take their first steps in the physical world as they provide a cost-effective way to trial the marketplace without the high barriers of long-term leases.

Modular Units

The next step up from RMUs are modular units. They are primarily used by businesses that would usually require complete premises, giving them the option to launch on a smaller scale with fewer overheads. They are semi-permanent structures built on mall walkways or occasionally outside in pedestrian areas. Often they are used by businesses such as barbers, nail, or eyebrow bars that require additional privacy and comfort for their customers, but they are also commonly used as more secure sites for businesses that are testing new locations or who are in the midst of fast expansions and testing lots of new markets such as e-cig retailers.

Pop-up Shops

Pop-up shops have exploded into the retail sector in the last few years to become a major focus for increasing brand awareness, generating positive PR, and educating consumers as well as providing a short-term retail location. Broadly pop-up shops can be divided into two types of location: in-line locations are existing vacant units within a retail space that can be leased on a short term basis for a pop-up shop. An alternative to this is for brands to build a short-term structure either on a car park, a pedestrian area, or where there is enough space available, on a mall walkway.

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