Awareness Campaigns that Deliver Results

At Access Point, we believe that awareness campaigns are about more than what’s on your pop-up sign, billboard or Instagram feed.

We believe that direct, face-to-face engagement with your customers is at the heart of truly effective awareness campaigns. Build a real connection with your customers; learn what makes them tick and what their pain points are in order to genuinely meet their needs. What’s more; people like people so give them a ‘face’ to identify your business with.

Promotional space in a busy area provides fantastic exposure for your business brand. More than that, it allows your brand ambassadors to speak directly to their customers and find out how they can meet their needs. There is no better way to execute a successful awareness campaign than with face-to-face interaction and a helpful, informative and engaging brand ambassador.

We can prove it

Access Point has worked with a huge range of organisations in launching and delivering awareness campaigns that add real value to businesses.

Among other approaches, we use sampling to delve deep into both new and existing markets. Sampling is a valuable awareness campaign strategy designed to educate potential and existing customers about your product while also increasing your brand awareness. Through front-line engagement with customers, demonstrations, tasting sessions and more; we make sure your brand stands out.

For example, we work regularly with Tesco brand ambassadors to persuade customers to consider and buy new products. In-aisle sampling places the product at the heart of the customer’s shopping experience. Informed and friendly staff simultaneously engage with customers, discuss their shopping habits, encourage them to try the product, ask for feedback and complete the awareness campaign journey with a sale.

Tesco has a great infrastructure for sampling and wider awareness campaign activity. Working in Tesco’s foyers, car parks or even internal event spaces designed with everything you need for event launching, enables brands to reach wide audiences and create unique experiences.

What do our customers think?

“I would highly recommend using Access Point. They are very quick at responding to enquiries, make the booking process easy and keep in touch throughout to ensure you have all the information you need. The team are very polite and go out of their way to help!”

Mel Dawkins – Sytner Group

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