March of the Pods

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March of the Pods

Three words to ensure great engagement – location, location, location – this especially rings true for any business dependent on a customer facing activity. Typically, to facilitate this (pre-pandemic), a business would have prioritised being on the High Street. However, the problem now is that High Street footfall isn’t what it used to be (not recovered since Covid as more people work from home), and rent and rates are high, especially for the prominent locations.

There is another option: a space for your business, located close to high footfall, sensible rents and a considerate landlord.


Pods offer a great alternative

The structure of a Pod can be highly versatile and highly branded, can be constructed for a specific purpose and built to your specification (Denmans, an Electrical Supplier, have a Pod that resembles an electricians toolbox). Pods can be situated on long or short term options and if an area becomes saturated by your message/offer it can be picked up and moved to the next target area. They don’t even need to be on the grid as they can be powered by solar panels, etc.

Pods can be cheaper than bricks and mortar with less overheads and on-going costs and can be situated where your market intelligence tells you the target audience is expected to be.

Businesses of various sizes have made great use of Pods from large organisations such as Timpsons to local barbers and beauticians.

Pods have appeared in railway stations over recent years but another great example is using Pods at supermarkets. Still experiencing high footfall, supermarkets with car parks can provide a great base for a Pod housing a complementary retailer, a service or utility organisation, a local government agent or a repair depot.

For any business that is looking for great value from their customer facing strategy, dipping their toe in the water with a Pod, could be the right option.

If you are considering using a Pod for customer engagement have a conversation with Access Point as we have 100’s of prime sites available.

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