Our latest venue with Quadrant Estates

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Introducing our latest venue

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to our exclusive venues; Gallagher Shopping Park in Wednesbury. The Park has recently undergone a £16 million transformation, refreshing the look and feel of the scheme as well as attracting new tenants like M&S Simply Food, Mamma’s and Pappa’s and US Burger chain Smashburger.

Gallagher Shopping Park Access Point

Along with a new look for the park and its new retailers, the landlords for the scheme, Quadrant Estates wanted to help keep the park fresh in people’s minds and diversify the retail mix. While retail parks have increased their footfall in recent months the challenge for them is the same as it is for shopping centres and high streets around the country. How to keep people engaged and interested enough to make the trip to the physical storefront rather than the online one?

Access Point’s solution to this is to keep the park constantly changing. While no one wants core retailers moving from a venue, smaller more mobile offerings are easy to swap in and out. At Gallagher we’re aiming to make experiences the key. While you can shop online anywhere, only physical locations can offer you a real life experience. Access Point will be keeping the park experience fresh and vital with short term brand promotions for companies that match the visitor demographics. This helps build customer expectations for the site and offers them opportunities to discover companies, services and offers not based on the scheme.

More engaged visitors mean higher dwell times and higher footfall. Access Point ensure that short term events are well managed and don’t compete with tenants making it a recipe to build value and engagement for everyone at the park from anchor stores to customers.

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