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Over the years we’ve taken our brilliant staff on a few memorable journeys. The first one was back in 2013 when we took our whole management team to the Arctic Circle. This was much more than just a chance to get out of the office though; this was about freeing ourselves from the sorts of restrictions we’re usually under when we’re sat in a meeting. We were going through an intense period of change and wanted to see what we could come up with while we were taken out of our comfort zones and put into a harsh and totally new environment.




Our second expedition was to Vietnam in 2015 and for this we wanted to achieve even more. So we set ourselves a challenge: we knew we wanted to send our employees away on the journey of a lifetime, but we also wanted it to change their perspectives and give something back. With that in mind we managed to combine an incredible two weeks travelling around this beautiful country with helping a rural community to build a new toilet block for the village. It was an amazing success and we knew then and there that we would be planning another adventure before too long.

Well, here we are again and this time we may not be travelling as far, but we are certainly pushing ourselves once more. In September of this year, myself and our amazing MD Jeanette will be taking eight of our staff for a week long sailing expedition to The Solent. They’ll be learning all the skills to sail and navigate, sleeping on board even some night sailing weather permitting, at the end of it we’ll come away with a qualification as a Competent Crew Member certified by the Royal Yacht Association.


But of course we can’t just leave it there can we? A five day course living, sleeping and sailing on a yacht on The Solent will be a great experience but what we really thought it would need is a little competition. That’s why Jeanette and I will be taking a crew each at the end of the week and racing each other across the channel for a night in France before heading back the next day. The perfect chance to test our new skills and keep things interesting!

Watch this space for more details on what we’ll be doing and no doubt some fierce competition brewing long before we set sail!


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