Recycled paper – Not as white but much greener

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Last year I spoke about creating a paperless office for Access Point, since then we’ve been doing everything we can to cut down on the amount of paper we use from re-using old sheets for scrap to finding different ways to communicate information in the office.

Still sometimes things need to be printed, letters rather than emails sent out or handouts taken to meetings. To help preserve our beautiful planet though we’ve taken a step further by switching to recycled paper for any document that needs to be printed, both for internal and external use.

The manufacturing of recycled paper uses less water and produces lower carbon emissions than its non-recycled relations and because paper can be recycled several times also vastly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill which as we know is rapidly becoming full. This means any recycled paper we use will be going straight back into our recycling bins when we no longer need it.

“It is the information we print on things not the colour of the paper that’s important”

No, the paper is no longer bright white but we think this is a small price to pay – after all it is the information we print on things not the colour of the paper that’s important. Originally it did look slightly mismatched with white envelopes so we listened to people’s feedback and sourced these as well. We now have matching envelopes and paper – all 100% recycled.

While we’re still looking forward to the day we can have a truly paperless office, it seems that we’re stuck with it for a little while longer and if we still have to use it we are going to do our utmost to use it responsibly.

Next on the list: pencils made from recycled plastic cups!

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