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Foreword from CEO

It is increasingly recognised by investors that sustainability is one of the most important sources of both opportunities and risks for businesses.

At Access Point we help our customers to build successful businesses. Operating in a responsible manner is critical for building business value as well as social value, and is the key to long-term sustainable growth, development and profitability. Moreover, it preserves business integrity and protects our reputation. Over the last few years we have focused on identifying new opportunities with Landlords and Retailers whilst providing enhanced support to our marketing, brand and trader customers.

As a commercialisation organisation we believe it is our responsibility to best match our trading and venue customers to better offer products and services that meet the demands of their customers whilst providing economical benefits through the chain.

Sustainability is an integral part of Access Point’s operations and forms part of the agenda in management discussions, annual performance reviews, staff meetings and employee dialogues.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Access Point’s focus is on supporting our customers to build their business and social values and making a positive difference to people’s lives. We have clear expectations on our customers that they conduct their operations in a responsible and ethical manner. Sustainability to Access Point is about creating long-term business and social value by building a well governed company that contributes positively to society. Hence, our definition of sustainability includes building sound governance, risk management and compliance into our business strategy, as well as promoting healthy social, environmental and economic systems.

The Management team is responsible for Access Point’s overall strategy, including how we approach sustainability as an integrated part of our value chain and this is monitored as part of the Senior Management Team meetings.


Stakeholder Engagement

Maintaining a close dialogue with our stakeholder groups is a central part of Access Point’s sustainability strategy. The stakeholder groups identified are those most affected by our operations as well as having a high degree of influence over Access Point –


Engagement: Regular communication and meetings, annual performance reviews, annual reviews of personal objectives and compensation.

Focus: Equal opportunities, diversity, work-life balance, economic performance, business ethics, performance management, compensation structures, mission and vision, culture, work environment and safety.

Outcome: Structured on-boarding for new employees, talent management program, implementation and training of policies and procedures such as Code of Conduct, Whistleblower policy, Corporate Responsibility policy, Talent Management policy and Employee handbook.

Stakeholder Engagement


Engagement: Regular communication, quarterly, semi-annual or annual and meetings, performance reviews of business and financial objectives.

Focus: Mission and vision, capacity management, trader management, financial and business targets.

Outcome: Gap analysis, plan and strategy updates, review meetings.


Business Affiliations & Memberships

NCASS:  Member of NCASS gives Access Point access to over 6,000 registered mobile caterers. Membership ensures the organisation is updated with all new legislation and provided with sector information and support.


Employee Affiliations & Memberships

CIM:  Chartered Institute of Marketing, seminars and updates, library and personal support.

Company Profile
We Are... Access Point

Put simply, Access Point helps venues capitalise on their assets, generate leads and drive footfall by introducing them to the most relevant and reliable traders and advertisers who enhance the experience for visitors.

A matchmaker in the retail industry with over 21 years experience, Access Point is made up of experts in every area of commercialisation including brand awareness, experiential marketing, food and beverage and pop up retailing and has worked with the UK’s top retailers and landlords as well as some of the best-known street traders.

100% independently owned and funded and boasting one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry, Access Point has established itself as a reliable and consistent partner to FTSE 100 companies as well as street traders, counting the likes of Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, Birmingham’s StarCity and Woking Shopping Centre amongst its client base.

With a firm belief that a happy team makes for satisfied clients, Access Point’s efforts to look after its employees are extraordinary. From its offices in converted law courts in Southport, the business invests heavily in employee wellbeing, taking employees on team building trips to Vietnam or most recently to sail across the English Channel.


Awards & Recognition: Shortlisted for Revo Re:Tale Award 2018



Access Point is a small and diverse team with the majority of the employees based in Southport, Merseyside. With the lure of the nearby major cities of Liverpool and Manchester Access Point has made attracting and retaining top talent and employee engagement a priority. While the nature of our work changes frequently, our 24 core values do not. Access Point’s team members share an entrepreneurial spirit and are approachable, customer focused, trustworthy, respectful and reliable. The company prides itself on providing an excellent workplace for all employees.


Talent Management: Access Point offers our employees continuous support for personal growth in order to develop their professional skill set and to take increasing responsibility for value creation. The small size of our organisation enables us to personalise career development and training opportunities for each employee. Ongoing assessments of employees’ performance and success in meeting their objectives are key in order to ensure that Access Point offers the right personal development tools at an individual and group level. All employees participate in yearly performance reviews, objective setting and reviews.

Compensation & Benefits: The Access Point team are rewarded commensurate with industry pay rates & individual achievements and is an accredited Living Wage Employer. The employees participate in a number of bonus schemes across the organisation, team rewards and pension scheme. The company also organisers an annual events most recently this has included a trip to Vietnam (and building a toilet at a school) and sailing the English Channel and earning a certificate of crew competence.

Employee Engagement: Employee feedback from all reviews is recorded, held on file and responded to. Access Point’s employee engagement provides the basis for having one of the best employee retention rates in the business.

Diversity: Access Point has created an equal opportunity environment and has no race or gender bias with the current workforce being a Female 56% / 44% Male balance and the Senior Management Team Female 64% / 36% Male.

Work/Life Balance: Access Point works with its employees to ensure they have the best work/life balance to support and enhance their performance. Currently 20% of Access Points employees work on a part time/ flexi hours basis to support child minding, providing carer support and agreed staged phasing to retirement. The organisation also provides educational assistance to those wishing to enhance their career.


Environment, Health & Safety

As Access Point is a small company that does not manufacture or use hazardous products, liquids or materials the Environmental and Health & Safety Performance is managed by Human Resources and the Senior Management Team with reports shared at the monthly management team meetings. The organisation looks to avoid print materials were possible and creates digital assets and shares items via a centralised network and storage system. Where print is required recycled paper is used. All waste materials are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly method available and used in the production of compost where possible. Access Point prides itself on its Health and Safety record and providing a safe and enjoyable environment for work.

Environmental Performance:

Access Point have a recycling policy to ensure we are kinder to the environment. We use Recycled paper, envelopes and pencils. Procedures cover paper reduction as a priority with electronic communication and transfers preferred. Waste paper is collected, shredded and recycled. Plant waste is composted, recycling bins used and water butts used for collecting water.

Health & Safety Performance:

  • Compliance with all fire and safety regulations.
  • Health and safety risk assessments.
  • DSE seating positions and screen usage.
  • New starters informed of first aiders/procedures on first day and given fire safety walk around the building and shown exits and procedure as part of induction.

Service Responsibility

Access Point do not manufacture products and hence have no strategy for R&D and Design, Materials Use, Manufacturing Process, Product Transport & Packaging and Product End of Life. However, as a service provider, Access Point produce guides, materials and processes to ensure customer engagement and education are delivered in accordance with customer requirements.

Service Assets: Documents/Assets are produced to ensure both the venue management and trader are aware of the responsibilities and ownership of all facets of trading from indemnity cover to stipulations on what can and cannot be marketed/sold, arrival and entry requirements, site locations and promotional materials and messaging/communicating.

Supply Chain & Community Support

Supplier Management: The venues are the service (commodity) that are licensed on behalf the landlord/estate management company. The relationship is owned by the Access Point Account Management team with each estate being allocated to an Account Manager with a support structure in place. Regular reviews are diarised with actions taken and strategy updated.

Customers: Customers can contact the Sales team and make enquiries through both telecoms and digital formats and can search the base of venues available and request project support on-line.

Community Support

Donations, Scholarships and Sponsorships:

Access Point has a chosen charity it supports which reflects the ethics of the business and the community where it is based. Community Link Foundation is a charity that supports Southport residents when they have fallen on hard times financially and at their greatest need. In the past 12 months Access Point held an Oktoberfest in their offices and raised over £2,200. Other donations have been made including £200, the saving made from sending email Christmas messages instead of buying cards. The decision to not buy cards was part of our environmental initiatives.

All employees are encouraged to support charities of their choice and earn team points for every ‘£’ they raise. The team points are converted to rewards.

Employee Volunteering: All employees are encouraged to volunteer, either as part of their charity support or part of their personal or career development – this includes coaching and mentoring.


Sustainability Reporting

Access Point is proud of its sustainability record, how it treats and manages all of its stakeholders in a fair and honest way, its social responsibility and its employee retention rate. Though not reported externally all records are kept on file, managed by Human Resources and reported internally through the Senior Management team.

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