About Amanda

As the People Director for Access Point, I am responsible for ensuring Access Point has the best Employees and retains them by providing a great place to work. I see myself as the interface between the Company and its employees and facilitate the obligations that both have to one another. I live and breathe HR policy and procedure to make sure we are responsible Employers, but with a sensible awareness that our employees are individuals and have different needs.

Why Mary Poppins ?

"I chose Mary Poppins as she is super organised and efficient. Like Mary I have a strong moral compass and stand by my values. I believe respect and manners get you a long way in life… treat everyone the right way and you will get the best from them. I’d like to say that I’m practically perfect in every way but that would be very unrealistic – although I do place high expectations on myself to be the best version of myself and do my best at work and in my personal life. Finally, I agree with Mary on this one... People should laugh every day..."


In addition to being a big Liverpool FC supporter (and the wife and mum to 3 even bigger ones!), I spend most of my Saturday and Sunday mornings (and some week nights) supporting my two son’s football teams. They are in 2 teams each, plus school and county teams!! When I do get some time to myself I like to keep myself fit Running and with Bootcamp sessions. Outside winter months, I like to get outdoors with the family as much as possible. We’ve had some epic walks and picnics in some great places. Also, it’s important to ditch the football mum every now and then and transform into a Prosecco Princess with friends.


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