Where do utility companies find their customers?

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Last month saw an 11% increase in switching energy suppliers, over 600,000 people switched in October alone! Over 4.5 million people have switched so far this year. The days of families sticking with the same supplier for year after year are long gone. So what are you doing to capitalise on this?

For many Utility Warehouse vendors the answer is simple: go to Wickes.

Wickes stores have seen an explosion of activity from Utility Warehouse vendors over the past year with some teams basing their entire business from promotional space at Wickes stores. So why do Wickes work so well for utility companies?

There are some excellent reasons:

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We’ve got lots of case studies from Utility Warehouse promoters who have already discovered the value of Wickes for their business. If you want to join them and find out more about some locations in your area you can see for yourself on our venue locator or contact us directly to speak to an experienced account manager about your needs.

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