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7 great reasons why shopping centres and retail parks are the perfect places for car dealership product placement!

1. Diverse Audience: Shopping centres and retail parks attract a broad and diverse audience, enabling dealerships to showcase their products to people from various demographics. This diversity increases the chances of reaching a wide range of potential customers.

2. High Footfall: Shopping centres and retail parks typically experience high foot traffic, ensuring the vehicles receive significant exposure. The constant flow of people creates more opportunities for engagement and increases the likelihood of potential customers noticing and exploring the showcased vehicles.

3. Extended Exposure Time: Visitors to shopping centres and retail parks often spend extended periods browsing and making purchases. This extended exposure time allows car dealerships to capture consumers’ attention, giving them ample opportunity to showcase the features and benefits of their vehicles.

4. Impulse Purchases: Shopping centres and retail parks encourage impulse purchases. Placing cars strategically can tap into this behaviour, enticing potential customers to consider a new vehicle purchase or arrange a trip to your showroom in their plans.

5. Targeted Marketing: Many shopping centres and retail parks cater to specific demographics or interests. Car dealerships can strategically choose locations that align with their target market, allowing for more focused and effective product placement. For example, a dealership showcasing a family vehicle might choose a shopping centre with family-based entertainment like soft play or a cinema.

6. Brand Association: A positive and enjoyable shopping experience can enhance the overall perception of a car brand. Placing vehicles in a vibrant and dynamic setting like a shopping centre or retail park creates a positive association, reinforcing the idea that owning the showcased cars can enhance the consumer’s lifestyle.

7. Increased Brand Recall: Repeated exposure to a dealership’s products in a shopping environment contributes to increased brand recall. When consumers think about purchasing a car, they are more likely to remember and consider a brand they encountered in the shopping centre or retail park.

What should I do next?

If, like many other car dealerships, you wish to enhance your business visibility with product placement at a high-end location. Access Point has a selection of fantastic venues available to book nationwide.

For more information, call 01704 544999, email hello@apuk.net or visit our product placement page.

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