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Street Food and Drink is about more than what is on your plate (or in a cardboard box or wrapper in this case). It is about chatting to the chefs, surrounded by aromatic smoke, while they cook for you personally; kebab or halloumi fries in one hand, pint or spritz in the other. Street Food is an experience, and a versatile one at that.

For customers, the attractions are clear: they can pick up a fresh meal, conveniently and quickly, whether they’re on their lunch break or out for leisure.

Offer convenience and speed

For vendors however, knowing the best mobile food locations, offering both convenience and speed, can prove challenging. What’s right for the business quarter might be completely bypassed by the area’s foot traffic. Who to prioritise, and how to target them?

Access Point understands that all businesses are unique. We work alongside vendors to understand their ideal customer and location and match them to a site accordingly. Our experience has enabled us to differentiate between the needs of On-the-Go and Here-to-Stay businesses and create bespoke strategies that satisfy each.

Food On The Go

The very strength of the street food industry is its capacity to reinvent itself. Pop-ups in warehouses, at festivals and on the high street can be a one-night only feature. Street food vendors can head to the next gig, market or shopping centre and change their menu, change their style, change their pricing – try new things.

This is where Access Point comes in. As street food is designed to move, here at Access Point we work closely with vendors to secure great mobile food locations and put them in contact with engaged audiences.

Our networks are as extensive as our business relationships are strong, and venue knowledge deep. We have mapped audience demographics and venue USPs, tracked footfall and maximised ad space, taken care of licences and risk assessments. We take care of you and your audience, so you can do what you do best- experiment, invent, delight.

Where do I go from here?

We have a range of talented and passionate Account Managers eager to get you on board. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and check out our Venue Locator to explore our options.

Together, we will work through costs, applications for space, compliance, setup and more, to ensure your arrival on-site is as smooth as possible.

Mobile Catering Pitches

Mobile Caterers could be seen as providing the backbone for British Industry – delivering sustenance, quickly and easily, where it is needed.

Choosing your mobile catering pitch

On the roadside for lorry drivers, van drivers and sales people. On industrial estates, nestled between factories for hard-working employees to grab a hot drink and sandwich or burger or even an ice cream on a sunny day. Or at a shopping centre, retail park, supermarket or DIY store for coffee and cake or bacon and egg barm!

Access Point understands how important mobile catering is in underpinning UK Business. We work with venues, retailers and local authorities to provide mobile catering sites for rent at popular locations.

For more information contact us at 01704 544999, or check Venue Locator for all our mobile catering pitches for rent.

If you are new to mobile catering or thinking of starting your own mobile catering business, Access Point has created a number of helpful guides to provide information against any questions you may have.

Short-term sites

At Access Point, we understand that not all street, hot food and beverage stalls have a mobile business model. For some, establishing an excellent reputation and building a loyal customer base is the key to success.

Long-term catering pitches

This is why we offer long-term mobile catering sites for rent as well as short-term ones. If you’re looking to serve simple but delicious hot food to a regular audience, we can source you an excellent location that fuels your business with foot traffic, local workers, delivery drivers and more. Mobile catering sites at Retail parks and busy commuter routes are often ideal for this.

We at Access Point are invested in your success. We provide long-term site customers with ongoing advice on a range of business disciplines, ranging from marketing, branding, pricing and promotion to logistics, opening times, expanding delivery, waste reduction, and more.

How do I get in touch?

Contact Us today so we can discus mobile food locations and secure your next site. We know that long-term security is important to you and your customers, which is why all of our sites come with a contract and full retailer backing. All of our application processes are free of charge with no obligation.

And it doesn’t end there. Access Point also offers ongoing support via on-site visits. We are committed to ensuring that not only your setup but your entire business cycle runs smoothly and successfully.

What Do Our Customers Think?

“Access Point staff made the whole process very easy. They are always on hand to answer any questions and they are a great bunch of people to work with. Access Point guided me through everything I needed to do and know. I am looking forward to working with them in the future as they have been truly amazing!

Mandy – Tasty Tucker

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