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Film Crew Parking With Access Point

Film crew parking, especially in cities, is a big and/or costly problem. Setting up a film unit base within the vicinity of a shoot can be an impossible task. In addition, finding a location that will allow out-of-hours access or be large enough to accommodate film crew parking adds to the difficulty.

We help film crews solve their film unit base/parking conundrum.

Access Point are the commercialisation agent for numerous retailers and venues with large car parks, especially in the towns. We provide film crew parking solutions or a film unit base for staff and cast members that allow production companies to operate close to their chosen set.


Filming Locations

Access Point is a commercialisation agent for many retail parks, shopping centres and event venues throughout the UK. We have the knowledge to support production companies in finding the right location to film.

000’s of venues available to book

With a database of 000’s of venues, we provide the inspiration required to find the right film locations with unit base parking. Access Point has extensive experience working with landlords, owners, and managing agents for over 26 years. We offer a diverse range of venues and can assist you with the necessary documentation required to book your project.

For help or advice contact Access Point at 01704 544999, email hello@apuk.net. Alternatively, go to our Venue Locator and search for a venue that meets your requirements.

Court For Hire

Access Point’s Southport headquarters has been used on numerous occasions as a film set. The Old Courthouse was built in the 1930’s and retains its period features. English Heritage describes it as ‘being a good example of architecture typical of that time’.

The exterior of the building provides an amazing backdrop, with the interior going one step further. One of the ‘courts’ has been preserved, with ‘Court 1’ seen numerous times on television. Scenes filmed here include Channel 4’s ‘Hollyoaks’ and BBC1’s Jimmy McGovern mini series ‘Time’ starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham.

‘Court 1’ is for hire, the Court for Hire website provides further information or contact David Robertshaw directly.

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