Direct Distribution

Why The Promotion?

This is what we do as an organisation. We find the right methods for getting printed media into the hands of the right people and delivering the right results for our customers. This activity was for bus driver recruitment in the Glasgow area.

Why These Venue(s)?

Having decided the most effective area to target with the campaign we worked with Access Point to find the right venues for greatest engagement. Shopping Centres were the ideal venues and we made 5 bookings to get the optimum coverage  – Forge Glasgow, Regent Hamilton, Govan Cross, East Kilbride and Rutherglen.


We are pleased with the campaign as it has allowed us to deliver great results to our client.

FOC Media Ltd/Direct Distribution

Glasgow, Scotland

Direct Marketing

Direct Distribution is Scotland’s leading provider of direct marketing services. Covering the whole of Scotland the organisation prides itself on delivering a printed message into the right hands at the right time – whether through D2D leaflet distribution or face to face promotional activity.

"The results from the promotional activity have been good and Access Point are an easy supplier to work with, no hassle and everything done as you would expect"

Philip Kingsley, Business Development Manager

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