Elite Warm Roofs

Why The Promotion?

We looked at a number of different ways of getting our message across to the public and decided that doing it face to face was the best way. Once customers see the product, understand how it will improve their home and the efficiencies it can bring, we can have a very productive conversation. It is also immediate, our team are very knowledgeable and we can answer any concerns then and there. Placing an advert in a newspaper or magazine can take some time to get responses and doesn’t foster a conversation.

Why The Venue?

We have seen consistent results from Dobbies Huntingdon over an extended period of time, long may that continue. The demographic of customers in the centre is a great fit for our business and the environment which the centre creates for our engagement space, it just works really well for us.


We generate quality leads from the centre and maintain a presence at the store as it continues to offer us access to the audience we want to be speaking with.

Elite Warm Roofs


Home Improvements

Elite Warm Roofs are a home improvement company based in Cambridgeshire and have been successfully trading for many years. Our services help home owners to enjoy their conservatory all year round, reduce the cost of heating and power by making it thermally efficient and improving how it looks.

"Access Point provide all the information required to make decision making an easy process."

Charlie Wright, Office Manager

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