Rising Stars Academy

Why The Promotion?

We needed to engage with the parents and carers of the children we were looking to enrol at our academy and where better than on the daily/weekly shop. This type of promotion allowed us to have conversations and show the activities and support we can offer to them for their children. Having a conversation with a parent/carer is a far greater way of engaging with them than putting an advert in the local press.

How did you find the process?

The process was relatively easy. Access Point provided all the information, the rules we needed to abide by, especially with covid regulations still in force. The team were helpful and ensured we understood how to get the most from our promotion. The team at Morrisons were extremely accommodating and a real joy to work with.


We are running a 4 week campaign and by the end of week one we have had a tremendous response. We have had very positive engagements with parents/carers and have added 28 children to our list to process for enrolment. And, besides that, we know the conversations we are having now will help to attract pupils to the academy in the future. The promotion is looking like a great success.

Rising Stars Academy

Small Heath


Rising Stars Academy enrol children ranging from 5 years of age to 15 years. Their aim is to provide a friendly and stimulating childcare environment to encourage the development and nurturing of children, as well as to provide a space for all the children to grow, play, learn and create with each passing day. Rising Stars Academy also offers high quality childcare outside of school hours to support busy working carers/parents and pride themselves on offering progressive and pioneering opportunities for the children and adventures such as horse riding, archery and tobogganing. Academic support is also offered as they are a strong believer in nurturing young talent and pupils have the opportunity to catch up on schoolwork or compliment their homeschool requirements.

"We enjoyed our time at Morrisons, the staff at Small Heath were very accommodating and extremely helpful. The promotion has been a success for us. Access Point were great from the outset, with a clear process and friendly helpful staff. I would highly recommend others to use their services."

Khurram Baig, Director

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