UNICEF’s immersive experience aimed to raise awareness and inform customers about the Syrian Crisis through their power of Virtual Reality.


The Virtual Reality headsets transported viewers to a Syrian refugee camp and let them experience first-hand what life is like for vulnerable children. Together Fundraising’s promotional team were able to connect to the public, raise awareness of the UNICEF cause and encourage monthly donors.

The venues provided UNICEF with an “opportunity to reach the public in exciting and well-known locations.”


The Virtual Reality campaign was tracked by the number of donors and raised £155,220.00 for UNICEF UK.

“Setting up and running our road trip across [multiple venues] couldn’t have been better. Access Point were great in assisting us with everything we need and the venues themselves were perfect for what we needed. We saw an incredible response from the public which mean UNICEF were able to really see a benefit from the campaign.”

How did you find the experience of setting up the campaign?

“Brilliant! Sharrona was really helpful and went the extra mile to get us into the venues.”


Shopping Centres

Together Fundraising is an established fundraising agency that works with worldwide charities such as UNICEF and Cancer Research to help spread messages far and wide through face-to-face promotions. Last year, Access Point collaborated with Together Fundraising and UNICEF to book promotional space across 10 highly visible shopping centres throughout the UK. The purpose of the roadshow was to raise awareness of the children affected by the Syrian refugee crisis - as well as encouraging donations from offering customers an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

"The Virtual Reality campaign was tracked by the number of donors and raised £155,220.00 for UNICEF UK."

Sam Hollyman

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