University of Cumbria

What was the campaign designed to achieve?

The campaign was designed to create recognition, to get potential students to stop, think and engage.
Cumbria University can be seen as a little complicated to understand especially with having campus in different areas. This campaign allowed the recruitment team and academics to meet potential students face to face to talk about the facilities and courses available, to paint the bigger picture and to answer any questions raised. The campaign was timed to coincide with clearing so students could actually sign-up to the University there and then.

Thoughts on Access Point?

Absolutely happy with the campaign and the support offered by Access Point. We will look to run something similar in the future but will look to go farther afield to engage a wider audience.

What were the results of the campaign?

The campaign helped us to engage with over 1,000 individuals ranging in age from 16, and starting to think about what course they would apply for, through to mature students looking to go back into education as part of a career change.

University of Cumbria

Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool, Southport, Bolton and Belfast


The University of Cumbria is quite diverse with sites in Carlisle and Lancaster as well as London. Competing with many universities across the North West of England

"Getting on the doorsteps helped the University to engage with potential students, answer any questions and sign them on to their preferred course. Access Point helped us to do that"

Samantha Whiteley - Conversion Officer

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