March of the Pods!

The use of Pods is on the rise. Cost-effective, they are quick and easy to build/install and can be placed on short or long-term option sites – allowing for greater customer targeting.

An ideal solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Start-ups or small businesses looking to dip their toes in the market at an affordable cost.
  • Seasonal operators not needing a bricks & mortar solution for 12 months of the year.
  • Pureplays building a physical presence.
  • Franchise businesses as part of their roll-out strategy.
  • Large retail or service organisations create a geographical presence.

Living the brand

Pods are highly customised and ideal for engaging an audience. Built to embody an organisation’s message the Pod can reinforce what it does or sells.

Denmans Electrical Supplier Pod

A great example of this is Denmans, an Electrical Supplier, who have a Pod promotional space at Walkden Shopping Park, Manchester. Designed to look like an electrician’s toolbox, the Pod is part of their retail and logistics strategy. The unit stocks its best sellers and acts as an order and supply point for the rest of its products.

The Pod is on a long-term contract, and their Pods promotional space supports its geographical targeting.

Multipurpose Engagements

A Pod promotional space is perfect for a multitude of engagements.

Situated in a Retail Park or Supermarket car park the automotive industry has found numerous uses for Pods from repairs to sales and collections. The ability to have parking spaces allocated around the Pod works perfectly for car-buying organisations and can provide a work area for windscreen replacement businesses (where the Pod can also hold stock for the local mobile fitters).

High footfall retail placements are perfect for Hair & Beauty businesses especially those that thrive on drop-in appointments. Pods are also ideal for baristas wishing to capture passing trade. Other organisations look at Pods for advice centres and customer support activities to engage the general public.

For more information on Pod placements, contact Access Point at 01704 544999, email hello@apuk.net or visit our Venue Locator for a comprehensive list of Pod promotional venues available to book.

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