Contract Car Park Space

Contact car parking spaces and overflow parking

What is the space used for?

Access Point is the commercialisation company in charge of hundreds of sites across the UK, including those for Wickes and Booker Makro stores; we have access to land that can be used for a variety of activities depending on your requirements:

  • Provision of overflow parking for offices, universities or work sites
  • Fleet storage for ambulances, coaches, transport companies and car dealerships
  • Shipping container storage
  • Storage depots for companies wanting to avoid expensive regional distribution centres
  • Portacabin sites
  • Off-road area for motorcycle or driver training
  • Film unit bases

These contract car parking spaces are frequently used by businesses that have outgrown their current facilities, require short-term overflow parking, or need storage without incurring the prohibitive costs of investing in land and site security.

“The arrangement we have is of great benefit to our staff, allowing them to park at a very close, convenient facility. The relationship we have with our Access Point Account Manager is fantastic and always has been. The communication between us is great and we always receive speedy responses to any questions, issues or concerns.”

Steven Russel – Yoox Net-a-Porter Group

The licensing process

To licence contract car parking spaces from us, you must complete a simple application process.

Step 1:  Contact Access Point and have a conversation with one of our knowledgeable team. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and advise on the best solution to meet your contract car parking or storage requirements.

Step 2:  Complete the short application form with details of your organisation, Public Liability Insurance etc.

Step 3:  Access Point will identify contract car parking or storage sites based on your necessities, size, geography, access, etc. We would then encourage you to make a personal site visit to ensure that the space and location meet your requirements.

Contracts are generally a 6-month fixed-term licence; however other contracts are available for discussion.

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