Experiential Marketing

Are you ready to create an immediate, impactful bond between your brand and your customer base? Experiential marketing will give you the results that you need.

By selecting the right experiential marketing space with the right engagement marketing strategies, you can help to position your brand firmly in the mind of your target audience, helping to guide them to that all-important moment of conversion and ongoing brand loyalty. When delivered in the right way and with the appropriate level of expertise, experiential marketing campaigns provide an exciting and immersive experience, designed to meet the needs, wants and desires of your potential customers.

Better still, innovative campaigns will often garner PR buzz from the press, together with social media shares and engagement. This social leverage can multiply your initial investment and make sure your brand is one that your customers are talking about – and excited to engage with.

However, although the potential gains of expert engagement marketing strategies are proven, they do require a significant degree of time, resource, expertise and creativity to manage. From venue management through to VR displays and gamification at your event, it’s vital that your investment delivers the required return.

Why work with Access Point?

Quite simply, we are your trusted partner in experiential marketing and our team of highly-skilled engagement marketing professionals have the expertise and insight that you need to deliver impactful experiential marketing campaigns. Our work is delivered on the front line of this exciting and growing new marketing space, meaning that we can create immersive experiences that really resonate with your target audience.

We have a large and diverse client list which comprises both brands and agencies, and we work hard to understand each client’s specific market and requirements for their experiential event or marketing campaign. With access to leading suppliers in the space, we take the guesswork and hassle out of the process, by managing everything for you from the initial idea right up to supporting your campaign. From assessing the right demographic to invite through to liaising with specialist suppliers and choosing the right venue, we are here to take on the hard work.

Our team carries out all necessary sourcing, supplier negotiation and administrative paperwork for you. As a one-stop shop for leading experiential venues and experiences, we provide a single point of contact throughout the duration of your campaign. Whether you need to get your next product launch in front of the right people or bring your campaign idea to life with high-tech and immersive experiences that showcase the best of your brand, we are here to make your vision a reality.

Please contact our friendly team today for a no-obligation chat about your requirements and to find out more about what we can do for you.

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