Utility Warehouse ‘Power Up’ 2024

My First Time . . . . Forgettable or Unforgettable?

Access Point was once again thrilled to join the Utility Warehouse ‘Power Up’ event held at Telford International Centre on April 20th and 21st, 2024.

Only a select few Access Pointers have had first-hand experience of this extraordinary weekend, an event filled with energy and enthusiasm generated by thousands of UW attendees. I had to ask myself, would the hype live up to expectations? The answer was yes, and then some.

From a company that values the power of team bonding on a personal level. These events bring together like-minded colleagues to boost motivation and share success stories, creating a hub for fresh ideas and growth. This concept is at the heart of Access Point and must surely be a definitive factor in why we have worked in harmony with UW Partners for many years.

Team Access Point, myself, Alicja, and Adam (The Oracle), were eager to share our extensive knowledge and experience, not to mention our company’s bulging portfolio of retailers available for Utility Warehouse promotions.

With such a diverse audience to engage, we jumped headfirst into an abundance of conversations, sharing venue ideas and deliberating event options with UW Partners. Among them were individuals well-acquainted with Access Point, while others were less familiar, but all were excited at the prospect of what we could offer. For those unfamiliar with us, it was rewarding to explain the benefits of using platforms like Access Point to effectively utilise venues for showcasing their products and prices to a broader audience.

Our relationship serves as an example of a mutually beneficial partnership, ensuring success for all parties involved.

Access Point is immensely grateful to UW for their hospitality and for making the ‘Power Up’ event a resounding success for us. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to participate again, further strengthening our partnership and driving mutual growth and innovation over the coming years. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all UW Partners for their keen interest and enthusiastic engagement.

Once again, the highlight of our participation was undoubtedly the ‘Win a Promotion’ competition, which generated tremendous interest. Congratulations to our daily Champagne winners and Jackie, the lucky recipient of our grand prize—a week’s promotion at a venue of her choice.

If you missed Access Point over the Power Up weekend or were having too much fun to come over, no problem, give us a call and see how we can get you booked into high-footfall venues to grow your UW business.

If, like UW, you want to promote your company or product, Access Point offers a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today at 01704 544999 or email hello@apuk.net and explore how we can boost your success together!

Marc and Dom setting up
UW Get Together sign
Dom in full swing
Giveaway Prize
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