About Lesley

My role is to promote and sell promotional spaces in independent venues such as shopping centres, town centres, shows & exhibitions and retail parks to name a few. I am responsible for leading a small team and all the things that come with that – hitting targets, etc. I am quite driven and ambitious and particularly enjoy working in a set-up that allows me to achieve whilst having a smile on my face.

Why Dorie?

"On busy days I forget things... usually eating lunch or going home!"


I tend to enjoy all the normal things - socialising, gardening, horse riding, dancing, travelling, DIY & stealing the microphone to sing whenever possible. I can also play the clarinet. Then there is the stuff I don’t normally talk about... I can write with my toes!! At some point I would love to study astrophysics but I haven’t managed to find the time yet... watch this space!


Venue Fulfilment Manager

Management Team

Online Payment