About Lesley

Lesley’s role is to promote and sell promotional spaces in independent venues such as shopping centres, town centres, shows & exhibitions and retail parks to name a few. This involves her looking after her clients, liaising with venues, negotiating prices, customer service, crisis handling and new business development. She is responsible for leading the independent shopping centre team, growing the department, increasing revenue year on year, exceeding targets and generally being better than all our competitors. Lesley likes working here because it’s friendly, the management are approachable and you feel part of a family... it’s her 2nd home! She would describe herself as bossy and stroppy, but fun, driven, competitive, ambitious and a bit mental!

Why Dorie?

"On busy days I forget things... usually eating lunch or going home!"


Lesley enjoys drinking wine, gardening, horse riding, dancing, travelling, DIY & stealing the microphone to sing whenever possible! She can play the clarinet & write with her toes. Matt Goss once kissed her and she bought prawn cocktail crisps for Tony from East 17 so he would kiss her too! She is currently looking for a new charity to volunteer for and would love to study astrophysics but hasn't managed to find the time yet. Watch this space.


Experiential Account Manager

Sales & Marketing Team

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