About Natasha

Natasha's role is to oversee her sub team in Sales Support, ensuring they continue to offer top tier support to the sales people. This involves ensuring processes are followed as efficiently as possible, workloads are organised and problem solving to ensure dynamic departmental function. She is also responsible for dealing with any ad hoc queries from the rest of the team due to her extensive knowledge base. Natasha likes working here because of the location, the family feel and that she feels listened to and important. She would describe herself as sarcastic, conscientious, thorough, sometimes nice and occasionally obnoxious!

Why Hermione?

"I, too, am an insufferable know-it-all who frequently has the urge to punch boys in the face."


Natasha likes Harry Potter, Doctor Who, eating obscene amounts of food, cats and McFly. She once lived in Cyprus and has been known to stalk McFly, following them all the way to Atlanta and ‘accidentally’ staying in the same hotel as them! Natasha volunteers as a marshal in the annual Queenscourt Hospice Star Trek Walk.


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