About Tania

My role in the Sales Support Team is to provide the greatest possible assistance for our sales team, allowing them to maintain the best possible service for our customers. This includes a variety of requests, such as Admin or research tasks, from the team based on the demands of our customers and some additional support that may be required. In the time I have been at Access Point, I have been made to feel like a valuable member of the team, appreciated for my assistance and support provided. I enjoy all aspects of my work as it combines a nice balance of routine tasks and new challenges.

Why Harley Quinn?

"Despite her reputation as a wild child and free-spirited loose cannon, Harley Quinn enjoys having fun (especially the mischievous kind!), one of her greatest assets is she can see the good in everyone Like myself, Harley Quinn believes in fairness and is intensely devoted and protective of the people she loves"

Interesting Fact

I am a creative person that enjoys drawing and making things. I am fortunate to have come from a large family (one of seven) with a diverse cast of personalities with whom I love to spend time when I can, especially my sister she is like my best friend, we even had our appendix out on the same day! Growing up with my father, a chef, I developed a love of food and cooking as it was a significant part of my family life. Now a mother of two girls, I take great enjoyment in sharing the skills my father taught me as a child. I am a keen dog lover and have a lovely Rottie named Ruby who is so vicious she will lick you to death, I also have a massive soft spot for sloths and unicorns.


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