Shopping Centres & Retail Parks

Book promotional space at a Shopping Centre or Retail Park for your next activity

As the trend for out-of-town shopping increases, so does the demand for promotion space at shopping centres and retail parks, the perfect environment for product launches, customer acquisition, or to showcase brands.

Shopping centres and retail parks continue to drive high levels of footfall compared to traditional high-street or shopping outlets and are ever-evolving. Opportunities for leisure activities and food and beverage are increasing as they look to attract a wider range of customers.

Parking areas at these venues also offer fantastic promotional space. Car dealerships, automotive services, leisure, and recycling all use these parking spaces as part of their engagement strategy.

Shopping Centres and Retail Parks

The shopping centre and retail park landscape is changing. The idea of a warehouse filled with shops is disappearing in favour of an immersive retail, leisure, and dining experience. For you, this is the ideal time to consider using these engaging promotional spaces for your next promotion.

Shoppers are now actively expecting and seeking an experience when visiting a shopping destination. Shopping is no longer the only thing they’ll be doing at these venues. Spending time with friends or family, watching a movie at the cinema, or hitting the gym are some of the activities that may be included on their to-do list while they’re there.

This means higher dwell times, a higher spend per visit, and most importantly for you, the chance to let customers test, talk, taste, and tweet about your business.

How many venues do we have?

Access Point provides you with access to quality promotional spaces in over 900 shopping centres and retail parks throughout the UK. This means we can always find you a venue that will fit your requirements, including the right demographics and the right budget.

If you’d like to find out more about your nearest promotional space then take a look at our venue locator.

Car display

Since most visitors travel by car, retail parks and shopping centres are ideal destinations for vehicle-based events. These events may include new car launches, chip repair services, catering vans, and experiential events.

These venues offer an ideal platform to promote your brand and connect with your intended audience. Promotional spaces include allocated car parking bays, commercialisation areas, or short-term modular pop-up sites.

Why book a promotional space at retail and shopping parks with Access Point?
  • Best rates negotiated from our long-standing relationships with venues
  • A straightforward booking process and a single point of contact
  • Using our experience and demographics, we can match your promotion to the best location

Access Point manages certain venues exclusively, providing access to key regional locations.

Visit our shopping centre and retail park media sheets page to see a full list of promotion spaces available to book.

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